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Four Elements

This week for the sugar sculptures we went for an elements theme. There were only two of us so Leanne did fire and water and I did earth and air.


Here they are together. I LOVE mine. I was so impressed with myself. (Is that okay to say?) Chef Cat, my instructor, is amazing. He makes everything look effortless. He is really the reason I wanted to go to AIH. I was touring and I walked through his class room, they were doing sugar roses, and I was amazed. He is truly amazing.


This is the one Leanne made. She came up with the idea.


We used these flexible silicone things to make the big shape.  After the sugar cooled we just removed the silicone.


Here is one of the dragonflies I made. I dipped the mold into liquid sugar and let it set.


Here it is. It only took 3 hours! I can’t believe how much I have learned in four weeks! Chef Cat is an amazing teacher!


Lovey Dovey

Happy (Belated) Valentines Day!


Here’s the sugar sculpture I made! The ribbon took more work than I expected. You have to be careful to keep the lines even. I’m not really happy with the way my bird turned out.


Here’s what everyone made.


Mariea always does the niceness color mixing. I really love her bird!


Shelly works really quickly. She just makes and makes and makes. I love the color of her birds.


Here’s a side view of mine. I like it, but I think it needs a little more time. Next week we’ll be doing chocolate so that’ll be fun! No real serious injuries this week! That’s what I call progress!

Homemade Butter Mints


I saw this recipe on Fearless Homemaker! She has a fabulous blog, and I knew the moment I saw these I was making them.

This recipe makes about 80-100 Mints. I used Vanilla instead of Peppermint Extract, because that’s what I had. 😀

1/2 c. Unsalted Butter, softened
5 c. Powdered Sugar
2 Tbsp Milk
3-4 Drops Peppermint oil or 1 Tsp Peppermint extract
Food Coloring

1. In a stand mixer, beat the softened butter for about 1 minute (until it’s light and fluffy. Add the powder sugar, carefully! Add it too fast and you will have a GIANT mess. Mix until it’s dry and crumbly. Don’t forget to scrape down the sides and bottom of the bowl.
2. Add the Milk and flavor. Mix until the dough comes together and thickens. It will be very thick, and not at all sticky. But it will still be easy to mold. Think playdough. If you need too adjust the consistency. (Too dry add a drop or two of milk, too wet add a dash more of powdered sugar)
I thought 5 c. of sugar was a lot so I only used 3 1/2 c. but my mints never set up so I recommend doing the whole 5 c. (That’s what I get for trying to make it a little “healthier”)
3. Divide the dough based on the number of colors you want to make. Add about 2 drops to the mix.
4. Lay out parchment paper and dust it with powdered sugar. Break of about 1/4 c. segments and roll into long, skinny logs (1/2 inches thick or so). Slice into 1/2 inch pieces with a knife or pastry cutter. I rolled mine into balls because I was feeling lazy.
5. Let dry/harden for 24-48 hours. Enjoy!

Divided Dough

Divided Dough

I used 1-2 drop of red for the light pink and 4-5 for the darker pink .



Under the Sea

Sugar Art Attempt Number 2!


Well this one is much better than my last one and I’m really happy with it! There is a lot of height, I love the colors, and of course the fish are adorable!


Sea Weed

Here is the seaweed we made! We poured the hot sugar over ice to give it that texture.


Fish 1



Fish 2

We blew the fish with a hand pump and then molded the fins.


Close Up

I am SOOO happy with the way this turned out!



Sadly, One of sugar sculptures fell. It was heartbreaking. Sugar went everywhere. These 3 were the ones that made it.

So it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t injure myself. (I’m down to 7 uninjured fingers now!) I was adding my second fish to the sculpture and I blow torched my thumb. Lucky, I didn’t drop the fish and crush my entire sculpture, but I have a lovely blister on my left thumb. But it was worth it!


Second Degree Burn

Sugar Flowers

This was my first time working with sugar.


Not bad for a first try. My main problem was I didn’t make the branch (the red thing) big/strong enough to support the flower. Still it was amazing learning how to do all this. Chef Cat is internationally ranked for his sugar work and I felt so incapable compared to his talent.


Everyone’s Work

So here’s what everyone else did.


One of my friends Shannon made this one. It’s my favorite out of the whole group. It’s so beautiful.


Another friend of mine, Cobb, made this one. I love her butterfly.

Sugar Blister

Sugar Blister

Pulling sugar is hard work! Chef Cat commented that we’d all probably end up with blisters , and I did. Sugar is very hot and sticky.