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Advanced Patisserie-Week 4

Plate 1
-Roasted Pear with Chamomile Jus
-Buttery Hazelnut Financier
-Pear Sorbet


I loved the Financier. It was full of Hazelnut flavor and a nice bed for the pear.


I’m also really proud of the caramel cup that the sorbet is in. I had a lot of problems getting the caramel to work, but once it was done It looked great

Plate 2
-Baked Alaska


Ice Cream

So this is the ice cream we used in the Baked Alaska. It was also paired with a Red Currant Sorbet.

I’ve never had Baked Alaska before. It was a nice dessert, but the Red Current Sorbet was a little to sour and there was too much meringue on top. It’s very cute though.


Plate 3
-Lemon Raspberry Tart



I loved the lemon and raspberry combo!


Week 2-Advanced Patisserie

Plate 1
-Baba au Rum


Baba Au Rum

Baba au Rum is basically a very dense (and dry) cake that is soaked in a Rum sauce and then filled with pastry cream. We paired it with a mango Coulie. I really liked this dessert.

Plate 2
-Orange Milk Chocolate Mousse with Orange Sauce
-Orange Sorbet


Orange Milk Chocolate Mousse

The Orange Milk Chocolate Mousse is sitting on a chocolate shor bread cookie and is covered in a chocolate orange ganache. The orange sorbet (which I personally made) was light and not over powering.

Plate 3
-Profiteroles the Modern Way


Profiteroles the Modern Way

This was everyone’s favorite. The Profiteroles are filled with vanilla ice cream and sitting on a shortbread cookie. When the ice cream started melting and mixed with the chocolate mmm. The shortbread soaked it all up.