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Southwestern and Rocky Mountain Venison Steaks

-Poblano and Potato Soup
-Marinated Quail with Spinach Salad
-Venison Steaks with Dry Mushrooms
-Fingerling Potatoes with Basil and Parsley
-Broccoli with Candied Pecans
-Southern Cheddar Cheese Spoon Bread
-Tres Leches Cake

The Line Up

The Line Up

We made a lot of food this night. I’m not even sure how we got through it. It started out with just two of us. I was prepping things so quickly that by the time 3 more people showed up we were almost done. So I had my hand in almost everything. We ended up burning the sauce. Maybe because I was fixing the cake that stuck to the pan.


Poblano and Potato Soup

This soup, as two of my group members told me, is common at Mexican Weddings. I am in love with this soup. It’s like a spicy potato soup. Actually, It IS a spicy potato soup.


Marinated Quail with Spinach Salad

I can’t eat quail. It’s like cornish hens. They look too much like what they are. Worse, they look like baby birds.


Southern Cheddar Cheese Spoon Bread

This was like a cheesy souffle. I wasn’t a fan.


Venison Steaks with Dry Mushrooms with Fingerling Potatoes with Basil and Parsley, and Broccoli with Candied Pecans, and Southern Cheddar Cheese Spoon Bread

I really liked the Venison. It was nice and gamey. The Broccoli was spicy thanks to some cayenne in the candied pecans.  The potatoes were everyone’s favorite.

Tres Leches

Tres Leches

We had a little accident with the Tres Leches. The girl who made it forgot to replace the parchment paper when she added the milk to the cake. It was stuck to the pan. It made a huge mess when she flipped it, so she asked me to try and fix it. We had enough big pieces that I was able to smush it back into a moon shape. I then iced it to hide the flaws. A good decorating job will hide anything.


Southwestern and Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Seed Crusted Trout

-Porrusalda Leek Soup
-Navajo Fry Bread
-Pumpkin Seed Crusted Trout
-Calabacitas con Maize
-Annatto Rice with Queso Fresco


The Line Up

This was a really good meal!


Porrusalda Leek Soup with Navajo Fry Bread

This soup was heavenly. I made the Navajo Fry Bread. It was a lot like making tortillas, and just as delicious.


Pumpkin Seed Crusted Trout with Calabacitas con Maize and Annatto Rice with Queso Fresco

I liked the pumpkin seed crust on the trout. It added a nice flavor to it. Annatto is a spice similar to Saffron. That, paired with the Queso Fresco was heavenly. Calabacitas con Maize is basically a zucchini and corn dish with a kick of spice.