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Advanced Patisserie Final

I was terrified of this final. We not only had to assemble and decorate a cake, but also do a plated dessert. I got a 95 which I was really excited about! (The cake had a few issues)



I made Madeleines, a caramelized poach pear, and a raspberry macaroon with creme brule filling. This part was perfect!



This is the cake I made for my final. It looks like flowers threw up on the cake, but chef wanted a lot of flowers. The piping needs a lot of work too.

Over all I learned so much in this class and I’m really excited by my progress!


Vanilla and Raspberry Wedding Cake


This is my first rolled fondant cake! For it being my first I’m really proud! We also made a lot of gum paste flowers.


The cake itself wasn’t that good. It was just a plain old boring cake. We were supposed to do a cascade of flowers, but I didn’t make near enough for that.


This is the one Shannon made. She went a little bold with the colors. She really likes to do things differently.


This is one Mariea made. Hers is perfect as always. I love the lilies on her cake.

Advanced Patisserie-Week 5

Plated Dessert: Mandarin Orange Souffle Glacee with Dark Chocolate Sauce and Almond Brittle


Frozen Souffle. Yummy Yummy. The Almond Brittle was really good! It was weird seeing the baking soda being added.

Petit Four Platter
-Raspberry and Lemon Macaroons
-Fresh Fruit Tart
-White Chocolate Moouse with a Chocolate Almond Sable
-Dark Chocolate Moouse with an Almond Sable
-Raspberry Creameaux Tart







These were A LOT of work. I spent a long time piping chocolate filigrees to go on top of the moouses. I think they turned out really cute though! (And they were really yummy)

Advanced Patisserie-Week 4

Plate 1
-Roasted Pear with Chamomile Jus
-Buttery Hazelnut Financier
-Pear Sorbet


I loved the Financier. It was full of Hazelnut flavor and a nice bed for the pear.


I’m also really proud of the caramel cup that the sorbet is in. I had a lot of problems getting the caramel to work, but once it was done It looked great

Plate 2
-Baked Alaska


Ice Cream

So this is the ice cream we used in the Baked Alaska. It was also paired with a Red Currant Sorbet.

I’ve never had Baked Alaska before. It was a nice dessert, but the Red Current Sorbet was a little to sour and there was too much meringue on top. It’s very cute though.


Plate 3
-Lemon Raspberry Tart



I loved the lemon and raspberry combo!

Week 1-Advanced Patisserie

Plate 1
-Chocolate Grapefruit Tart with Grapefruit Tulie
-Campari Caramel Marinated Grapefruit


I loved the way the cookie came together with the ganache and the curd. The flavors were really complementary.

Plate 2
-Vanilla Been Parfait
-Warm Spiced Doughnuts
-Layered Hot Chocolate


This was my first time making doughnuts and I am really proud of them. I love the spicey-ness of them. The spice was a mix of coriander, szechwan peppercorns, start anise, and cayeene pepper, and of course sugar. The vanilla parfait was everyone’s favorite. It was so easy to make but so yummy.

Plate 3
-Raspberry Creme Brulee Tart


Before Slicing


I was disappointed in these. They look pretty, but they were just really boring. They tasted like sugar. That was it.