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Advanced Patisserie Final

I was terrified of this final. We not only had to assemble and decorate a cake, but also do a plated dessert. I got a 95 which I was really excited about! (The cake had a few issues)



I made Madeleines, a caramelized poach pear, and a raspberry macaroon with creme brule filling. This part was perfect!



This is the cake I made for my final. It looks like flowers threw up on the cake, but chef wanted a lot of flowers. The piping needs a lot of work too.

Over all I learned so much in this class and I’m really excited by my progress!


High Density Yellow Cake

This cake was terrible. The shortening ended up sinking to the bottom making it very dense and gross. It looks pretty though.


I love the lilies. They’re one of my favorite flowers.  We also practiced with the royal icing. It’s not the best, but it’s not the worst.

Vanilla and Raspberry Wedding Cake


This is my first rolled fondant cake! For it being my first I’m really proud! We also made a lot of gum paste flowers.


The cake itself wasn’t that good. It was just a plain old boring cake. We were supposed to do a cascade of flowers, but I didn’t make near enough for that.


This is the one Shannon made. She went a little bold with the colors. She really likes to do things differently.


This is one Mariea made. Hers is perfect as always. I love the lilies on her cake.

Sugar Flowers

This was my first time working with sugar.


Not bad for a first try. My main problem was I didn’t make the branch (the red thing) big/strong enough to support the flower. Still it was amazing learning how to do all this. Chef Cat is internationally ranked for his sugar work and I felt so incapable compared to his talent.


Everyone’s Work

So here’s what everyone else did.


One of my friends Shannon made this one. It’s my favorite out of the whole group. It’s so beautiful.


Another friend of mine, Cobb, made this one. I love her butterfly.

Sugar Blister

Sugar Blister

Pulling sugar is hard work! Chef Cat commented that we’d all probably end up with blisters , and I did. Sugar is very hot and sticky.