Perfect Ice Cream Ball Scoops

Have you ever wanted the perfect Ice cream balls? I know I do. Well with a little practice you can!

All you need is some parchment paper, an Ice cream scoop, a cookie sheet, and some ice cream

1. Lay out your parchment paper on top of the cookie sheet
2. Let your ice cream reach a temperature where the ice cream is easy to scoop, but not melting. If you have to use a lot of force you need to keep waiting. I know, it’s hard.
3. Use the ice cream scoop to scrape across the top of the ice cream, rolling it into a ball shape.
4. Put the ball on the parchment paper. Reshape it if you need too.
5. Place balls in the freezer to firm back up before you serve them.



On the left we have a perfect ball. On the right you can see a ball I made before the ice cream was ready to scoop. It was still too hard.



Enjoy your beautiful ice cream balls!


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