I love baking for holidays. There are so many cute ways and ideas. I also hate baking for holidays. It’s stressful. You have so many people’s likes and dislikes to consider. If I’m just trying a recipe it’s not a big deal if it doesn’t work out (besides my wasted time and energy and love). But when it’s for family, It has to be perfect. I didn’t sleep much the night before Easter. I tried 3 recipes that failed, before finally getting two good cupcakes. One is Red Velvet, the other is Vanilla with Chocolate Icing.


I’m really proud of how adorable they look.


My little sister

The whole family was involved. My sister was a big help with the cupcakes.


My mom helped with the Broccoli and Rice Casserole. While not my favorite dish, it’s a family favorite.


Even Coal got involved! (He really wasn’t much of a help, but he tries)



I also made some Compound Butter. I really hadn’t meant for them to be for Easter. They were just something I had been wanting to make, however they were probably the star of Easter.  I made them from Homemade Butter. They were amazing.



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