Four Elements

This week for the sugar sculptures we went for an elements theme. There were only two of us so Leanne did fire and water and I did earth and air.


Here they are together. I LOVE mine. I was so impressed with myself. (Is that okay to say?) Chef Cat, my instructor, is amazing. He makes everything look effortless. He is really the reason I wanted to go to AIH. I was touring and I walked through his class room, they were doing sugar roses, and I was amazed. He is truly amazing.


This is the one Leanne made. She came up with the idea.


We used these flexible silicone things to make the big shape.  After the sugar cooled we just removed the silicone.


Here is one of the dragonflies I made. I dipped the mold into liquid sugar and let it set.


Here it is. It only took 3 hours! I can’t believe how much I have learned in four weeks! Chef Cat is an amazing teacher!


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