Advanced Patisserie-Week 6 Decorating

So my last post was all about making the cake, but now for the awesome part! DECORATING!


So here is the cake with only the crumb coat on it. Believe it or not a lot of work went into just getting the cake here. We had to level the cakes, coat them with simple syrup  and then add a layer of icing. Three times per tier.


Here are some practice roses I made. I made about 6 that turned out looking like blobs. These came out looking flower-esk.


Our buttercream was a little stiff. Or really stiff. So stiff I was able to mold it into a snowman.


Here is my cake 😀 It’s nothing I would personally do, but I’m still proud of it. I piped a basket weave around the cake. Then I made lots of little roses, because roses are fun to make once you get the hang of it.


This is the one Shannon made. She went with a very bold color scheme!


Here’s my cake after I sliced it. Everyone loved it! My mom took half of it to her work and she said people came back for seconds.

I’m really proud of it for my first real cake!


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