Advanced Patisserie-Week 6 Mise en Place

We have officially started making cakes!!!!
Our first cake was a High ratio Chocolate Cake with an Italian Buttercream
We were allowed to pick whatever flavors of buttercream we wanted to use so I made an almond buttercream to go with a cherry simple syrup.

So the first day we baked the cakes, made the buttercream, and practiced piping techniques.


Baking some cakes

These are actually another teams cakes. I thought they looked like molten volcano cakes!



Here is our Mise en Place for the Italian Buttercream. You start with cooking the sugar and a little bit of water. When it hits 235 deg. F you start whipping the egg whites. When it hits 242 deg. F. you add it, carefully, to the whipping eggs.


You have to be careful when adding the liquid sugar because if it hits the whisk, the sugar will cool off too fast and splatter, resulting in shards of sugar in your icing. Nobody wants to eat sugar shards. After that you add in the butter and vanilla and voila la you get….


A BUCKET LOAD OF BUTTERCREAM! That’s about 1 1/2 gals. of icing. And that was enough for two people. (We did have some left over, but not as much as you would have expected)

I think I’ll save the fun stuff  decorating for another post (I don’t want this post to be too long! Plus I’m tired. It was a lot of work!)


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