Under the Sea

Sugar Art Attempt Number 2!


Well this one is much better than my last one and I’m really happy with it! There is a lot of height, I love the colors, and of course the fish are adorable!


Sea Weed

Here is the seaweed we made! We poured the hot sugar over ice to give it that texture.


Fish 1



Fish 2

We blew the fish with a hand pump and then molded the fins.


Close Up

I am SOOO happy with the way this turned out!



Sadly, One of sugar sculptures fell. It was heartbreaking. Sugar went everywhere. These 3 were the ones that made it.

So it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t injure myself. (I’m down to 7 uninjured fingers now!) I was adding my second fish to the sculpture and I blow torched my thumb. Lucky, I didn’t drop the fish and crush my entire sculpture, but I have a lovely blister on my left thumb. But it was worth it!


Second Degree Burn


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