Central Plains Everything American

-Beef and Barley Soup
-Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza
-Kansas City BBQ Ribs
-Steak Fries


The Line Up


Beef and Barley Soup

So this is what I made tonight. Honestly I wasn’t too excited about it. However when it was done, it was so tasty! The Barley soaked up the broth so It was nice and tender and It has the most amazing beef flavor. AND It was easy to make. Definitively a keeper!


1/2 Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza, 1/2 Traditional Style

So last night I made the wheat dough for this baby (and Chef complemented it when we pulled it out) We did a combination of Traditional (with sauce on the bottom, toppings, cheese on top) and Chicago Style (with cheese, toppings, sauce on top).


Kansas City BBQ Ribs and Steak Fries

These Ribs were amazing. So tender and the sauce was spicy, tangy, and super yummy. The steak fries were perfect too.

This was an amazing night!


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